Stoop Kid Afraid to Leave the Stoop

Showing my style off to the public once again. Hi beauties! The past two weeks have been hectic. Being productive is kind of draining. Fashion week is over and I'm taking a week long break after all the events and after parties I attended to network my booty off. At last, I have some content to share with my amazing viewers and fellow bloggers.

This Zara jumpsuit is love. I cannot wait for the Autumn season to really kick in so I can really rock this fit. I have yet to wear it out for many others to see and I feel there are some great ways I can style this item. Keep up with me on IG (@jaynellenicole) to see how I'd style this the next time I ever choose to sport this beautiful suit.

Look who managed to leave the stoop? :D

Zara Navy Jumpsuit | Just Fab Sandals | Charlotte Russe Collar Necklace | N/A Duffle Bag | Alex+Annie Charm Bracelet

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Prepped up + Chic'd High.

Hello again, beauties! Do you notice something different? Yes, I have installed faux locs. I think it looks great on me and it definitely shows more of my Carribbean roots. I've actually considered getting real dreads, however, I like to change the style of my hair often so I don't think I can commit to dreads right now. Do you like them?
Friday's outfit was for a quick outing to the shopping mall, school, and hopefully a laid back day in Central Park. I didn't get to go to Central Park but I had a fun day, overall. I ended up picking out a preppy outfit because the first thing that came to mind was my new high socks I bought from F21 a month ago on sale for only $4 a pair! Cool grey shorts with a striped loose fit button down. I adore these short because they are so relaxed yet so chic. Adding a simple striped piece really added a more interesting look. Most of the main pieces in this ensemble is from F21, unintentionally. I look back to school ready and I'm feeling it! 
 P.s. I have been thinking about putting together a video lookbook. I have been considering an Autumn Lookbook. Anyone interested?? Is there any specific fashion pieces you have an issue styling you would like me to incorporate in it? Let me know what you think? 


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Relaxed, Chic, But Approach with Caution.

An eventful day ended with shooting flicks! While taking care of priority tasks and simultaneously enjoying every minute of it, I strutted in a relaxed yet contemporary look. May I add... when I look good, I feel good. When I feel good, I get things done more efficiently and more confidently.

I was not in the mood for jeans or anything sucking onto my skin, so I went for a loose, light-weight khaki pant and a super cute and simple mustard tank. To stay within a neutral palette, I paired the two pieces with these gorgeous sandals I bought from JustFab for half its original price. I believe it's a fabulous find! I accessorized pretty lightly; The necklace is beautiful statement piece and adding two link on my forearm gave this look extra character. I personally love how my sunnies fit so well with this ensemble. Overall, I think this look is settle, however, totally bad ass. Haha. I hope you like the look as well; I'm always open to opinions! <3


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Tutorial: Sweet Velvet Eyes

Check out how to achieve these gorgeous velvet eyes in my recent Youtube vlog! I've done this look many times and for many events. This soft glam looks grabs a lot of positive attention. I thought I'd share this flawless look with you, ladies! The tutorial is down below. Please enjoy and if you do decide to try out or recreate this looks please take a photo and tag me so I can share with my  amazing followers! All my social platforms are @jaynellenicole. Do like and subscribe to stay updated with the many more vlogs to come!

Thank you all for watching! Hugs and Kisses! xo.
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Update! New Haircut! Pixie and Loving It!

Hello beauties! For those who are not following me on my other social platforms, you may not know that I have cut most of my hair off about a month ago!! I am now a pixie baby and I am so in love with it. I got my haircut by the lovely Jennifer at Halo Salon in Yonkers, NY for an affordable price of $60. She did an amazing job. The benefits feel phenomenal:

  • With my pixie cut, I can just hop out of the bed and do a quick spruce up. 
  • I no longer bother with wigs and weaves. Honestly, that is one reason why I chose to cut my hair. I could not stand wearing weaves so often because my hair was in such an awkward stage. Now, I feel so free!
  • I love the way this cut fits my oh so thin head.
  • It is also very versatile. I can wear my hair back, bangs out or to the side, curl it up, etc. 
  • A wash and set is much quicker. Lord knows, I cannot stand sitting under a dryer for so long.
  • I have an extreme baby face so I love that this hairstyle gives off a more mature look. I am not mistaken for a 16 year old as often anymore. 
Yes, I know you have heard that short hairstyles are more difficult to maintain like I have before. However, after experiencing it for myself, there is not much hardship to it. I feel that I take much better care of my hair now than ever. My hair is healthier, can you tell? I hope you all love my new look as much as I do!

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Midi Dress x Plaid "Hand-Me-Down"

A very good friend of mine just got back in town from college upstate. We decided to hang out for dinner and a walk through Pelham Bay Park. It was a gorgeous day; the weather hit 80 degrees but it wasn't uncomfortably hot. Oh how I've been yearning for weather like this these past few months. Winter was brutal and a pain in the ass. 

I rocked a simple sleeveless midi dress with embroidered sandals for a extra chic. Somehow, the urban soul in me always finds a way to add some street style to my ensembles; hence the plaid button hanging on my waist. My brother recently gave it to me because he outgrew it. I was so happy to here that by the way! I kept accessories to a minimum because lately, simple just speaks more to me these days plus I wanted my sandals to be the diva of the day. 

Boohoo Midi Dress | Just Fab Sandals | Hand Me Down Plaid Flannel | F21 Necklace

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