Black for Holiday Festivities

Hoping everyone enjoyed their Christmas with friend and family! If not with family, then loved ones who feel like family. My Christmas was a blessing; I enjoyed it a lot with my loved ones. After unwrapping gifts, my family all headed over to my aunts house for dinner and board games. That alone, was enough. <3.

I was in an "All Black" mood. I threw on a black pullover with a pair of low rise jeans. My new JustFab boots and bag had to make an entrance today, also. For an extra accessory, I used an polka dot button down for some hang time in the back of my outfit. haha. My best friend bought me a cute red beanie; I thought i'd add it to the ensemble for that pop of festive color. I've been wanting a beanie with an adorable pom-pom on top. How'd he know? Alex & Ani's charm bracelet looked great on my wrist, too. My sister bought it for me as a birthday present last months. I appreciate that girl.

Let me know what you think about my outfit and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!

F21 Pullover | Ebay Moto Jacket | F21 Jeans | JustFab Boots & Bag | Alex & Ani Charm Bracelet | F21 Necklace

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Maxi Sweater Weather

Monday's outfit of the day here! Surprisingly, it was a warm day. Too bad I cannot say the same for today.  Anyway, I went for a super casual look. I threw on a pair of old mid-rise jeans and a simple cami. Adding a maxi cardigan created a more dramatic casual look. I must buy more. For a touch of color, I sported a mustard pair sneakers. Let me know what you think?

F21 Cami | Boohoo Maxi Cardigan | Thrift Mom Jeans | H&M Sneakers

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Fall Blues, Dark Hues

Lat week's OOTD never got posted all due to the devilish heartaches called "homework" and "studying". But I did get an A+ on my Accounting test, so it isn't so devilish after all.  It was a cool afternoon. I experimented with new colors.I do not have much of blues or greens in my wardrobe; after this outfit, I am definitely getting more. I am in love with this dark turquoise high waist jegging. Not only is stylish, it is very comfortable on the bum. Matching, is a lovely short sleeve navy blue knit sweater. These colors work so well together; its a new love combo! I topped of this ensemble with light-weight multicolor metallic cardigan for a touch of unique and of course warmth and a pair of high boots. <3

Gap Navy Blue Knit Sweater | TJ Maxx Metallic Cardi | F21 High Waist Jegging | DSW Boots | LuvTrinkets Chain

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Pink Rose Petal Makeup Tutorial

Hey, how is everyone doing today? I've been getting a lot of requests from friends on how I achieve my makeup looks. No, I am not a makeup artists, but I sure do can throw down with the brushes. Everyone tells me I should be a makeup artist,  but I'm shooting for a different career. Makeup is an art and a hobby for me. I gain a lot of pleasure in enhancing my beauty; just for the fun for it. Here is a new video on how to achieve a flawless look I like to call "Pink Rose Petal" ! Enjoy! If you like my tutorial, please like and subscribe via Youtube to stay updated for more videos! Jaynelle Nicole YT Channel

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Polka Dot Skater Skirt Design

Embellished Collar Top - TJ Maxx | DIY Skater Skirt | Pumps - Ann Taylor LOFT

Hey, darlings! I'm back baby! I made this super cute poke-a-dot skater back in August. But I never got the chance to post if on my blog due to my dysfunctional laptop. My laptop crashed and I finally saved enough money to get a brand new Macbook. <3 It's my new pride and joy. 

Making this skater skirt was a pretty easy task. The only part that stumped me a little was sewing in my invisible zipper. Once, I got a better understanding of it, it became a 1-2-3 process. I wish I can show you all more photos of the skirt. However, I lost all the extra photos on my old laptop. Waah!

Let me know what you think of my skater skirt! I hope you all love it as much as I do. If you'd like, I wouldn't mind blogging a tutorial on how to make a skater skirt for yourselves. <3 

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Cut-Out Maxi Dress w/ Side Split (My Design)

*My apologies for the poor quality. I did not have my camera along with me.

✢ Cut-Out Back Maxi Dress w/ Side Split ✢

Designed and created my first official dress last week from scratch and wore it to an event in the same day! I spent two days teaching myself to make patterns out of old newspapers (I watched my amazingly talented aunt make newspaper patterns last summer). And in one day, I completed my dress! I really impressed myself. 

I received so many compliments. I had girls wanting to buy my designs and I had to keep telling them that this is only my first dress! I'm not there yet! I am teaching myself new tricks during most of my free time, so I can only get better from here. Due to all the inquiries I received as feedback on my social media accounts, I am planning to make more of this design in other colors and it will be sold on an e-commerce platform.

I am extremely flattered and excited to do this! I did not expect so much feedback. I am working on other designs now. This may be my calling! I think its time I hit the ground running. What do ya say?

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